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I Help Launch Businesses in Emerging Markets.

As The Digital Diplomat, I help people in African countries launch businesses to bring down the unemployment rates, mainly through my specialization in digital technology, eCommerce, and international trade.


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The Speaker

From Ghana to Mozambique, I've had the great pleasure of speaking to diverse audiences around the world. Panels to keynotes, my signature topics are life-changing. 

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The Educator

If I'm not on a stage, I'm in a classroom - whether in person or virtually. Knowledge coupled with wisdom is extremely life-altering. All my courses do just that.

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The Adviser

Whether a business endeavor or a new policy, my global experiences bring perspective to any project or board room. Research and analysis are my strengths.

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Here's where I take care of business. It's the perfect place to get a feel for my voice and read my response to important local and global issues impacting the world. I cover all five economies of wealth. From faith, academia, personal, social, global and anything in between. It's also the hub for all updates pertaining to what I'm doing through the VGC Group, Aftown Mall and other ventures.

Stop living in the shadows of your humility and start walking in your honor

Graduating with honors and giving birth to my first child was suppose to be one of the most happiest moments of my life, but it wasn't because I couldn't find a job. For as long as I could remember, I knew my life's purpose was to help undeserved communities and write policies that would help free people from the trap of poverty.

I thought going to school and getting my degrees would lead me there, but funny enough it was not finding a job and ending up on government support that gave me the conviction I have today to do the work I longed for. Because for the first time, I'd walked in the shoes of the very people I desired to help.

Starting the VGC Group, a global digital consultancy, while being married and raising a family of two children was only possible because of the ecosystems of wealth that I created. Now, to help you jumpstart your discovery, I'm sharing total access to a quick easy mini-course I put together. Just fill the form to share your details so I can get it to you.

[WATCH] 3 Lessons Unemployment Taught Me About Creating the Life I Prayed For

A quick mini-course with videos on 3 important life lessons that transformed my life and catapulted me from Humility to Honor

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You've read my story, but join me for a discovery call to learn even more details of my journey and how you too can stop living in the shadows of your humility and start living in your due honor.









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If we met in person, this would be my reaction. I absolutely love meeting people. Just imagine me giving you a great big hug. Everything I'm sharing on my site is truly my life's work. And that is to help you break free from the trap of povertyJust fill the form and click the button below to read my full story titled "From Unemployment to Employer, Humility Always Proceeds Honor."  You will also get total access to a special mini course to help you jumpstart this discovery and be added to my list for occasional updates.