From Unemployment to Employer, Humility Always Proceeds Honor

Never in a million years could I have predicted raising a $250,000+ in scholarships to earn a bachelors and two masters degrees with honors and then find myself applying for government support weeks after graduation as a new wife and mother at the age of 24.

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The Moment I Realized I'd Fallen Into the Trap

To any onlooker, my graduate school graduation pictures looked like one of the happiest days of my life. Wouldn’t it be? I was being awarded two diplomas with honors for completing a dual master’s degree from the prestigious Seton Hall University in  Public Administration; and Diplomacy and International Relations.

But, sadly it was not. My stomach was churning and my heart was racing. On one end, I had successfully completed a rigorous academic program on a full-tuition scholarship before the age of 24. But, on the other end of being a new graduate, I was a new wife and mother to a newborn – and more importantly — jobless (insert crying emoji here).

In spite of my achievements, I couldn’t find a job. It didn’t matter my connections from previous internships or applications submitted to both small and large organizations, it became very clear that I was nonexistent to any employer. I was irrelevant. And unlike the majority of my classmates, I was in a totally different position after graduation with an enormous amount of responsibility — one that was much bigger than a Sallie Mae student loan.

Trust me – if you are a recent graduate or about to graduate, I promise you there are far scarier things in adult life than Sallie Mae bill collectors.


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I couldn’t even afford baby Motrin for my newborn

For me, it was facing The Trap of Poverty. I was excited about my potential, but helpless about my current place and position in society — jobless. The situation I had fallen into had the potential to trap me into a category of financial poverty and add me to a statistic that my mind in reality had the power to break.

In fact, for years, that title jobless killed me. It killed my mind and spirit. But, after deep prayer and meditation, learned that what was “killing” my mind and spirit was not the fact that I couldn’t land a job to care for my family.

What was killing me was that I felt entitled to a title. As an aspiring diplomat with my eyes set on working at the U.S. Department of State and/or United Nations, I felt I had done all the work I was asked to do and I deserved a big job title. I had no job title, nothing to parade around with, let alone money at my disposal to take care of my personal needs. I couldn’t even afford baby Motrin for my newborn many times. Ever been in a situation like that? Where the basics seemed impossible? Not attaining the expectations of this title was actually the root of my pain.

Until God checked my heart and asked: “Since when did helping undeserved people and communities start and stop with a ‘job title’?” If you say you want to impact economic development in Africa, why don’t you just do it? It was almost instant, I let go of the entitlement and found my power again partnering with Naomi Jordan Cook and launching our leading global digital consultancy called Virtual Global Consultant Group (The VGC Group).  

I learned in that season of my life to

“loose the title and win the experience.”

Although it took a few years to begin turning my life around, I began

“living life at the level of my consciousness and never at the level of my circumstances.”

Soon enough, everything around started to shift and I began to recognize five specific economies that are non-negotiable for you to live in the full manifestation of your dreams and purpose – your God ordained destiny. Everyone needs to build and transact powerfully in their personal, social, global, faith and academic economies. There is no particular order as each are deeply intertwined and equally important. 

As The Digital Diplomat, I explore these five economic ecosystems to help those facing the trap free themselves. I help people build their personal, social, global, faith and academic economies, mainly through my specialization in digital technology, eCommerce, and international trade in emerging markets.

Through my personal journey of unemployment to employer, I’ve learned how to help undeserved people generate money that transforms communities for generations.

I developed courses and coaching programs to provide a manuscript and guidebook for anyone that connects with this conviction

The trap of poverty is not a requirement for life

to break free too!

If you've been through some humility too and you're ready for your HONOR..this is what has to happen next..


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You've got to "Loose the Title and Win the Experience"

No matter how big or small, you've got to release yourself from the entitlement of a "title" and begin winning the most overlooked areas of your "experiences". It's the first trap of your mind.

This was the first chain that I broke free from. It was at this moment in my life that I began to breath again. Ever feel like the humility of life is so painful that it takes away your breath?

I know exactly what you're experiencing. People ask me all the time, "W.E. how did you know this chain was broken?"

When I began smiling again.

Yes W.E., I'm ready to start smiling again!

That's How You're Able to then "Live at the Level of Your Consciousness and Never at the Level of Your Circumstances"


When little got you, big can't have you. My spiritual father Archbishop Jordan taught me that during my season of humility. You see, a little mindset cannot get you out of a little situation and it certainly can't catapult you into a bigger possibility. 

My sadness and frustration in my humility was because what I envisioned for myself didn't match up with my reality. I'd done everything I was told to do in terms of completing a certain track that would bring me "success" but my circumstances: WIC checks, living at my mother's house with my husband and newborn, negative bank balances didn't add up. 

Why? It was because I hadn't learned to tap into my kingdom (which I speak about in building your "Faith Economy") consciousnesses and was only living at the level of my circumstances.

Now, my cofounded company Virtual Global Consultant Group LLC (VGC) gets invited to speak internationally. Here's a photo of me in Accra, Ghana speaking at a DHL Conference on eCommerce and international exports.

What shifted?

My consciousness. I started thinking and transacting in a higher ecosystem.

There are 5 in particular that are non-negotiable. I'll coach you on how to start building them and capturing your wealth. In addition to currency, wealth includes your peace of mind, your joy, your clarity of vision and so much more.

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Humility to Honor: A Discovery Call

You've read my story, but join me for a discovery call to learn even more details of my journey and how you too can stop living in the shadows of your humility and start living in your due honor.









I resonate with your story and I'm ready to Start Building My 5 Economies 

Once it clicks, it clicks. The last few years have taught me that nobody is invincible from the trap and poverty does not discriminate no matter who you are and where you are in life. The only difference between those who are poor and those who are wealthy is simply the revelation and implementation of how the currency of life works. You see, currency works like oxygen; it's infinite. Those who have it know how to build structures to capture it. Those structures are what I call our Five Economies of Wealth (Faith, Academic, Personal, Social and Global). 

Trust me, I've been through the humility and now I'm walking in my honor. I can help you do the same. I'll give you the revelation and help you with the implementation, but first you've got to take the first action and click the button below to tell me that you're ready. Start walking in your honor today.

I want to break free too! Let's start now

My digestion period takes a bit longer, I need more time to process

I get it. Everyone has a different digestion period. Some like me have a fast metabolism and others take a bit more time to process new information. Whatever the case is for you, just stay in the conversation. Connect with me below to ensure you have the accountability you need to stop living in the shadows of humility and start living in your due honor

I appreciate it, I want accountability